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Duolingo Munch

This addition to the Duolingo app would act as a meal kit, with recipes delivered to your home – but only if you continue your Duolingo Streak. Here can be seen examples of Print advertisements and UX design for the Duolingo Munch service.

Theoretical packaging for this service would be fully recyclable in uncoated cardboard packaging, while remaining branded in keeping with the Duolingo identity, along with collectible recipe cards. 


The idea for this project came from my own travelling history and connecting with people over local dishes. In addition to this, Duolingo have a history of engaging marketing using humour. I hoped to engage with this, while bringing in my own research surrounding digital interactions with food.

Pitch Presentation-01.jpg
Pitch Presentation-03.jpg
Pitch Presentation-02.jpg
Pitch Presentation-04.jpg
Pitch Presentation-05.jpg
Pitch Presentation-06.jpg
Pitch Presentation-07.jpg
Pitch Presentation-07.jpg
Pitch Presentation-08.jpg
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